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Retreats at Melrose/Bluestone Farm

We welcome those who wish to combine work and worship to create a unique, meaningful, and challenging retreat experience. Garden tasks associated with planting, cultivating, and harvesting are as much a part of a retreat at Bluestone Farm as are chapel meditation, prayer and recitation of the Divine Office. The surrounding woods provide opportunities for outdoor exercise and quiet exploration.  

Accommodations. Our accommodations—shared-bath bedrooms in the Longhouse—are complemented by a full kitchen, laundry, and sitting room. We invite guests to share the main meal of the day with us as described below. (Pictures here.)

Worship. If you are coming for a retreat at Melrose/Bluestone Farm, you are welcome to join us for any or all of the Offices and daily Eucharistic celebration, though there is no obligation to do so. Our worship schedule frequently varies in order to harmonize with the ever-changing hours of sunlight.  We will provide you with a daily schedule so you can have a handy reference for Office times.  Please be assured that you are not expected to sing along; if you are unfamiliar with plainsong music, which is quite complicated, it is perfectly appropriate to simply listen.  If you are comfortable singing with us, we ask that you do so quietly. This helps the Sisters hear each other, and allows other guests to hear the monastic choir. When joining us for worship, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early, so that we can give you music and psalm books to follow the flow of worship.  At the end of each Office we remain seated for a few minutes of private prayer before departing.

The Great Silence.  At the close of Compline each evening, we enter the Great Silence.  Silence allows us to enter deeply into private prayer, to meditate, and to calm our minds and open our spirits.  We ask that guests please observe the Great Silence with us each evening, until we begin again with Lauds in the morning.

Meals.  The Sisters invite those on retreat to join us for corporate meals (we eat one main meal together each day except Monday), but you may also choose to prepare your own meals, or fast, as you see fit.  The Longhouse has a fully equipped kitchen and sitting room, both of which look out onto the woods.

Donations.  We ask that you consider making a donation to support our work. Customarily, those who make a retreat with us give a gift of $125 for each night's stay.

If you are interested in visiting, please contact us.