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We all wish to make wise use of the resources in our control, especially at the end of our lives. Gift planning provides an opportunity to make a testament to our family and friends that demonstrates our values, and to support the organizations that will continue to live out our values after we've gone.

People of every income level can accomplish and benefit from a Planned Gift. Well-planned gifts can even allow a donor to provide for family members while supporting the Community, often making increased funds available to heirs and still contributing a significant gift to the Community. Planned gifts may also reduce taxes and increase retirement income as well.

Planned Giving encompasses a variety of ways that gifts can be made to the Community through a bequest in a will, a life income gift (pooled income fund, charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, etc.), and/or gifts of special assets (real estate, stock, life insurance).  One of the most frequent Planned Gifts is done through a bequest in a will, leaving a specific amount or percentage, or by making the Community a contingent beneficiary of an estate. The Community accepts gifts to its endowment and to its general fund.

The Episcopal Church Foundation is an excellent resource when making plans for the wise distribution of the resources in your care. For useful tools in illustrating the benefits of a life income gift, please also visit