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Visiting Bluestone Farm

To come visit us for worship or meals, or for individual retreats, please email us.

Our address is 118 Federal Hill Road, in Brewster, NY 10509. Click here for a link to a Google Map of our location.

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Our life at Melrose/Bluestone Farm is a spiritually informed endeavor in sustainability, self-sufficiency, and resilience.  We are encouraged by the Transition Town movement, in which local communities are coming together to teach themselves what we've come to call the "living arts"—such as weaving and spinning, food preservation, cheesemaking, and soapmaking—a wide range of skills largely lost in our modern age. 

One of the principles of Transition is that, given climate, energy and economic instability, local communities need to become more resilient, more able to withstand and survive shocks and shortages.  We find great joy in learning these crafts, as they reduce our dependence on consumerist marketplaces, and bring us back in touch with our local economy.

We have greater appreciation for our fresh flour, now that we know the miller who grinds it for us.  We pay close attention to the wool we get from our local sheep farm, and marvel at how the hairs of an animal can be so artfully turned into clothing.  Most of all, we enjoy sharing what we're learning with people who come to visit with us.  It is our hope to evolve into a kind of community hub, where we can offer classes in arts such as yogurt-making, seed preservation, weaving and knitting, wine-making and candle-making.  We know there is a growing movement of "homesteaders," both in the cities and in the suburbs, sparked by people's interest in becoming more self-sufficient, and we are thrilled to be part of that change.