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Visiting Bluestone Farm

To come visit us for worship or meals, or for individual retreats, please email us.

Our address is 118 Federal Hill Road, in Brewster, NY 10509. Click here for a link to a Google Map of our location.

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Click on the carrots to learn more about Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center, our Farm Companion program and events on the farm. Click here to see the video "The Nuns of Bluestone Farm".

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There is nothing like the pleasure of going out to the garden, harvesting a few vegetables, and then preparing a beautiful, nourishing meal. 

No plastic, no pesticides to wash off, no wondering about how far your food was shipped or how long it languished in some warehouse. 

Just pick and eat.

We take a special pleasure in our meals, knowing the labor and the love that's gone into each harvest. 

The closer you look, the more you see that every growing thing is a thing of beauty, that every growing thing shares resemblances to its relatives, but is unique in its own right. 

Food is light, literally . . . and everytime we eat, we are taking part in the great cycle of life and death. 

To eat with awareness is to eat with reverence.